Amanda and Luh Natalia


My name is Amanda Rose. I grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. My mother immigrated here from Jamaica and my father is from Michigan. I’m wearing a casual Caribbean inspired dress and Vans sneakers. My outfit takes inspiration from my intersecting American and Afro-Caribbean identities. I am surrounded by American snack foods and foods that are popular in the Caribbean. I grew up enjoying all of these foods. These items only provide a glimpse into my complex multicultural identity.

My name is Luh Natalia Granquist. I grew up in Bali, Indonesia and I currently live in Minnesota. My mother is from Bali and my dad is from the United States. I’m wearing a Balinese kebaya and kamben, along with my favorite pair of Nike sneakers. I really enjoy the mauve color palette of this outfit. I have been a fan of sneakers for some time, and was overjoyed to have the freedom to buy my own after I started earning money. I’m wearing my hair down, but hair would usually be worn up with this type of clothing. I specifically chose not to wear white, as white would be worn to the temple or other religious ceremonies. This outfit could be worn to an event or a wedding, as a fun interpretation of traditional Balinese clothing blended with American streetwear.